PREQUEL is a modern application that has come to the tastes of many fans of working with photo and video content. With the development of social networks such as Instagram, Tik Tok, etc., various photo and video editors are rapidly developing and appearing. Now no user of a smartphone, tablet, or social networks can imagine their life without such programs. Young and creative people are especially interested in them, since such utilities are a space for the manifestation of their imagination. With PREQUEL, you can easily edit your photos by applying a variety of filters and effects to them, transform videos using built-in tools, and also show your creativity. Download the official version of PREQUEL for free from our website.


The presented program is suitable for working on smartphones and tablets with the following operating systems:

  • Android - Download this software product to your Android device and enjoy professional tools for processing photos and videos.
  • iOS - Download the app on your iPhone or iPad to immerse yourself in the world of photos and processing and give free rein to your imagination.

Features of the utility

  • Advanced photo and video processing capabilities. The application contains more than 800 different filters and effects to apply to photos and videos. You can combine them, overlay each other, adjust the intensity of the filters displayed in the picture, etc.
  • D3D mode. This is a cool feature for processing media content, and in particular photos. With this option, you can easily create animated 3D images that are currently trending and are quite popular.
  • Work with text. In the program, you can enjoy using not only filters and effects, but also the text overlay function. There are a large number of fascinating fonts and options for superimposing text on a photo or video: change the bend, transparency, shadow, text size as you like.
  • Overlay music over video. This option helps users to diversify their videos not only visually, but also audibly. You can choose any song or melody and add it to the video file.
  • The ability to create animated text. You will not find such a function in every utility, but it is present in this one. In addition to the standard text, you can easily add an amazing and fascinating animated text that will definitely attract attention.
  • Professional photo editing. The application has a full set of tools for professional processing, from changing composition and contrast to editing curves and shadows.


There are many utilities for processing and editing media content on the phone, but PREQUEL is an unambiguous leader among them.